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I grew up spending a lot of time alone, mostly thinking and joyfully tending to the needs of our flower and vegetable garden. But life was generally full of fears of a scary world out there that I spent several decades trying to change, blame, or work around. 

Until the book "Many Lives, Many Masters" made me see the inseparability of events, in that no event happens in isolation and that there is no separate person out there who is trying to manipulate a separate "me" here. The seeing through of this subject-object nexus was a huge relief and led to several years of confirmation of this Oneness through reading and listening to talks on Non-Duality with special mention of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's life changing book "I Am That".

In the life story, a decade-long career in banking followed by the enjoyment of parenting in raising two young children and a lifelong friendship with my best friend, my husband.

It is now understood that the whole universe exists in the mind only. Beliefs which are nothing but clumps of energy are brimming with creative prowess and manifest themselves in time and space thereby strengthening the underlying beliefs. This cycle continues in perpetuity until this mechanism is seen through.

The mind imagines, creates or manifests what it believes and finally sees through its beliefs and takes a rest.

In this period of rest, it knows it contains all.

The life story still continues unfettered without a sense of personal doership and the mind-body effortlessly does what it is best programmed to do. 

In my case, the love for writing, painting, spending time with dear friends, traveling to little villages in Europe, admiring nature, watching India play cricket, a crazy sense of humor and the love for all things fluffy have flourished and are enjoyed greatly.
All artworks under 'Art for sale' are held in stock, and available to purchase from artists represented by Royal Opera Arcade Gallery. Please contact the gallery by emailing Elizabeth Mitchell at with any enquiries.
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