Sonia Ros was born in Conegliano (TV). She graduated at the Venice Fine Art Academy, studying Painting with Maurizio Martelli, Luca Bendini e Carlo Maschietto and currently lives and works in Venice and Vittorio Veneto (TV).

"Intense works, populated by enigmatic figures that reveal thoughts, desires, obsessions and intimacy. They represent the physical sensations that passion reverberates in the body. Soft then rough forms, ambiguous beings, shiny solid matter are all unified with a surprising study of colours. Sonia Ros’ universe is full of obscure, mysterious beings that are elegant and sensual. They seem abstract, but they are not. A careful eye notes that there is always a figurative element that alludes to the nature of corporeal tissues. And the imaginative and surprising titles that the artist dedicates to her works communicate with the composition and clarify the creative process"

All artworks are available through La Galleria. 

Please contact the gallery by emailing Elizabeth Mitchell at ​ with any enquiries.


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