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“It is not easy to put my artistic credo into words. Definitely I would like to convey through paintings feeling of positive, beauty, joy, and harmony. To involve the viewer into dialogue, to offer to think about eternal values, to stop for a moment in today’s hectic and tense world – and relax.

If the art lover feels it from my paintings – then I’m happy that this is my calling in life”


Andras Manajlo is a ruthenian artist from Subcarpathia. Was born in 1970 in a painter dynasty family. His ascendants – grandfather Fedor and father Ivan – achieved significant place in the art life of the region. Andras built not only upon an unique art school of his predecessors, but also on top-ranked professional artist-qualifying institutions such as the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Andras is actively involved in numerous international art-symposiums.

All artworks under 'Art for sale' are held in stock, and available to purchase from artists represented by La Galleria. 

Please contact the gallery by emailing Elizabeth Mitchell at ​ with any enquiries.

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