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Massimiliano Luschi is an Italian Contemporary ”Impressionist“ based in Tuscany, Livorno, Italy.
Born in Livorno (Tuscany) in 1975, he graduates from the Fine art academy at the age of 21. 

The Son of another local Tuscan painter Masaniello Luschi, Massimiliano follows in his father’s footsteps and adopts the style of the local Tuscan painters of the 19th Century “post macchioli” style. Massimiliano paints outdoors on canvas or wood board, he depicts the Italian towns, the people going about their daily lives, the gently rolling countryside of Siena, inland of Elba and the local Livornese fishermen and farmers in all its four seasons. The light and colour contrasts of his works are elegant, gentle almost poetic; he is able to create a fascinating and tangible pathos with the viewer, his artworks instil a feel good feeling when in their presence.
The artist Massimiliano Luschi defines himself as a post- macchiaioli painter.

All artworks under 'Art for sale' are held in stock, and available to purchase from artists represented by La Galleria. 

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