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Peter Dadswell is a self-taught artist who has drawn and painted for as long as he can remember. Art and music have dominated most of his life and his main career was spent working with songwriters, composers, musicians and music publishers. Music has therefore inspired many of his paintings and he is particularly interested in the relationship between art and music.


His early works were mainly landscapes or seascapes, and he later went on to create many figurative works, portraits, abstracts and semi-abstracts. He has sold consistently throughout the years, often raising money for charitable causes close to his heart, and has received commissions for a wide range of work.


Peter enjoys the creative process, paints subjects that inspire him and hopes that the results give pleasure to those who view or buy the work he produces. 

All artworks under 'Art for sale' are held in stock, and available to purchase from artists represented by La Galleria. 

Please contact the gallery by emailing Elizabeth Mitchell at ​ with any enquiries.

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