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Hiring the gallery space

Financial commitment

A 15% deposit is required to confirm a booking
which is non refundable if cancelled.
Final payment required 30 days before event starts.
Exhibitions booked well in advance and cancelled within 60 working days of the
start of the exhibition will still be subject to 100% payment of hire fee.

Regarding insurance during hire period

Clients are required to insure their art, goods and people as well as staff of all suppliers
working for them for the total duration of the hire period.
No claims can be made on Bestvenues Ltd or the landlord for any damages or losses incurred.


Within our gallery space

- We allow vinyls to be placed on the outside of the gallery windows only

- To keep the gallery walls pristine, please use white tack to place labels on the walls

- We do not allow holes in the gallery walls, a hanging system will be provided.

- Due to space limitations, all artworks and customer property must be collected within 14 days of the end of the exhibition/event, failure to do so will incur daily storage charges. The gallery will not be held responsible for any loses incurred. 

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