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Inside Matter, the Matter Inside

Pierluigi De Lutti, Nando Stevoli, Da Rodolfo Lepre

12th - 18th of May

Private View - Wednesday 15th of May 6 - 9 pm 


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Inside Matter, the Matter Inside showcases the works from three established Italian artists. 

Nando Stevoli (b. in 1953) was inspired by Kinetic art and Op art and started "pleating" or folding canvas as refined monochromes. His works are stretched out (with a slight spatial expansion to the outside), depicting harmonious reliefs that create lights and shadows, on which the artist applies a lime layer. He took part of several collectives and solo shows in Italy; from 2016 he joined the Rigorismo group founded by Flavio Lattuada. He lives and works in Ferrara. 

Da Rodolfo Lepre began his experience as an architect. From a very young age, he discovered he was attracted by the figurative arts, but later, he felt the need to express himself through other means, more suited to contain his emotion. Therefore, he reconsiders the alphabet of shapes and colours, maturing his very personal style very close to geometric abstraction. He then turns to color first, then placing it alongside materials and processes that unmistakably recall the world of architecture and construction: cements, gypsum, glues, stuccoes, sands, plaster, acrylics, oxides, are just some of the substantial components that Hare he uses in his works, to which he gives a new pride, free from the almost 'industrial' connotations that these elements originally carry with them. 


Pierluigi De Lutti interest in art (a graduate of the Academy of Art) became evident in the 1980s when he returned to Friuli and came into contact with the "New Space" Gallery by Luciano Chinese and the art critic Paolo Rizzi who was disappeared in 2006.               

The artist's intuition accompanies his attendance of the Art Director of the Master Giuseppe Zigaina. The poet Mario Stefani commented on his work for a long time. During those years, it became to show the first works that met the public and not only the appreciation of local critics. During the 1990s he attended abstraction courses for long periods of time (Astract Bilt) in Los Angeles and New York, moving from figurative to informal painting.

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