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21 - 27 JUNE 2021

Monday 21 st – Sunday 27 th June
10am – 6pm daily

Hannah Shergold - VIP invitation.jpg

In 2020, despite the pandemic forcing the cancellation of her preview fundraiser event, ex-Army helicopter pilot Hannah Shergold raised almost £40,000 for Prince William’s conservation charity, Tusk, through the sale and donation of her unique artwork. Returning this year for a solo exhibition at La Galleria, Hannah will exhibit her new body of work, donating 21% of the proceeds to Tusk.

Inspired by her time spent in Africa deployed with the British Army, Hannah’s work depicts African wildlife in a unique way. Her Cambridge University zoology degree brings a knowledge of animal anatomy, movement and weight transfer, but she breaks her paintings down using geometric lines and shapes to create a network of layers with bold colours and
impasto paint.

“My work is a balance,” Hannah says, “between giving the viewer enough information so as the painting makes sense, but not enough that the work becomes to representational and boring. It is a push-pull process, drawing the subject in and out of focus and challenging the viewer’s idea of what they really ‘see’.”

To view the collection online please visit:
For more information please email or call Hannah on 07729219590


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