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Hannah's exhibition will showcase the Tusk Collection 2020 which includes 24 beautiful oil paintings and will run from the 15th - 29th June.


20% of all sales being donated to the Tusk charity.

For more information, auction information, please visit

The full exhibition catalogue can be found here.

Hannah Shergold

The 2020 Tusk Collection

Exhibiting from the 15 - 29 June 

Open Weekends from 10 am  - 6 pm 

About Tusk 


The charity was established in 1990 in response to the devastating poaching crisis of the 1980s, which pushed black rhino to the brink of extinction and saw 100,000 elephants slaughtered each year for their ivory. Since then Tusk has become a highly effective and efficient force in African wildlife conservation.

CEO Charlie Mayhew stated: "The loss of tourism and donor income has impacted the ability of projects to carry on their essential work during this crisis. Instead of launching a 30th-anniversary campaign, the charity is focusing its efforts on a Crisis Appeal to ensure the jobs of those working on the frontline of conservation are protected and essential Tusk funded programmes are able to survive this extremely challenging period. The target is to raise £2m and Hannah's generous donation will go such a long way to helping us achieve this."


Click on the image to watch the video. 

Hannah Shergold meets everyone's favourite dragon, Deborah Meaden, to launch her 2020 Tusk Collection as it heads to London's Pall Mall for exhibition. Hannah is donating 20% of the sales from the collection, as well as donating two paintings for auction. 100% of the proceeds from these two paintings will be donated to Tusk at a time when conservation charities are suffering from the impact of Covid-19.


For more information visit Hannah's website at, where you'll find the full 2020 catalogue and links to the online auction bidding site.

Hannah captures the energy and movement of her subjects with bold use of impasto paint in vibrant, often unnatural colours.  She works quickly to capture a likeness whilst the paint is still wet, moving the medium across the canvas to create the network of layers that are threaded through her work. 

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