La Galleria Pall Mall is a non profit company our aims are to promote human talents and the human capacity to create and innovate, in particular in the visual arts, painting, sculpture, design and crafts, including education, music as well as a meeting training space for individuals and organisations right across the creative and cultural sectors.
Through nurturing these talents we hope to contribute to the local community and actively shape Britain and Europe for the better, to help it fully develop its potential aethestically, economically and socially’.

NB- La Galleria is a gallery for hire , with limited storage for each show, artists and art exhibition organisers should ensure all their property, paintings , sculptures etc are all taken away with them
at the end of each show as new clients will move in and La Galleria Pall Mall Ltd can not store or be responsible for any art left behind.

Any artworks or other items left behind if not collected within 30 working days will be charged for at a daily storage rate or may be sold or given to charity and no compensation passed on to the original owner.